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Motoring shows on Australian television have been far too serious for too long.

So in 2020 we give you Garage 41, a light-hearted, fun series to keep you entertained and amused.

Garage 41 is a 30 minute weekly television series based around all things car and motorbike.

It is a panel-based series incorporating regular members and weekly guests of varying motoring interests. It will air nationally on 7mate for 13 weeks and will be available anytime on 7plus.

Garage 41 takes a light-hearted look at all things motoring from the past and present – showcasing cars and motorbikes, drivers, destinations, news and views.

During the series Garage 41 will feature topics such as special Dutton Garage cars (or bikes) and their history; Targa Tarmac Rally stories; plus interviews with Famous (or not-so-Famous) motoring identities and personalities.

We will have motor racing chats and discussions pertinent to the Australian motoring scene … and whatever or wherever else the road takes us.

Check out the Episode Guide to see what’s coming up soon.

Episode Guide

The Panel

Dave Morley

Morley’s attention turned to cars and motoring fairly early on in his life. The realisation that the most complex motor vehicle was easier to both understand and control than the simplest human being, set his career in motion.

Growing up in the country gave the young Morley a form of motoring freedom unmatched these days, as well as many trees to dodge.

With a background in newspapers, the move to motoring journalism was no less logical than Clive Palmer’s move into politics, and at times, at least as funny.

Mike Sinclair

Currently Director of Content and Editor-in-Chief at carsales.com.au, Mike has almost 30 years’ experience testing and writing about cars, motorcycles and a bunch of other things with engines, and is responsible for managing a growing multimedia editorial and content team.

He is a fan of a wide range of motorsport disciplines and regularly participates in circuit racing and tarmac rallying.

Mike’s garage includes a mix of both two and four-wheelers, with the pride of place currently being taken by a ‘newtimer’ classic BMW.

Glenn Ridge

Former host of the National Nine Network’s SALE OF THE CENTURY and long-term TARGA TASMANIA competitor, Glenn has always had a passion for all things automotive.

In the past Glenn was Executive Producer and Host of the television series THE CAR SHOW, a series conceived to enable him to drive other peoples fast and expensive cars, and not have to pay for them or the fuel.

He hopes to continue to inform, amuse and entertain in his latest production .. GARAGE 41.

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